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[PRE-ORDER] Mortally Infected - Towards To Apocalypse [PACKAGE DEAL]

Image of [PRE-ORDER] Mortally Infected - Towards To Apocalypse [PACKAGE DEAL]

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[Mortally Infected - Towards To Apocalypse]
Release Date: 10th, April, 2015
Genre : Brutal Death Metal
Format : Full-Length

*All items were shipped out on April 10th 2015.
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Through Show No Mercy Records,
We are now offering [Mortally Infected - Towards To Apocalypse] Package Deal
(Full-Length CD / T-Shirts / Stickers)

Proudly Made in Slovakia. After a long waited, Mortally Infected is back with splendid musick! The album consists of merciless 8 tracks of thorough sick performance, tight-composition and old-school death metal touches. Monstrous vocals and creative bass lines, ferocious blastings and crushing solos! For fans of Suffocation, Broken Hope, Severe Torture!
Mixed & Mastered at Typhoid Sound Lab
Cover artwork by Daemorph